An actual update!

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Okay, so this website has been pretty dormant for a while. There’s a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Something got majorly broken in the website and I was literally unable to update any webcomic. No idea what happened. I actually have no idea how it got fixed. It just… Got fixed. So yay! Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with Ensign Cubed on Kevin’s website. But if not, it is not available here.
  2. I had a rough first half of the year. Of course, I made a very long post about Asha. Not long after, we lost my grandfather and one of our other beloved kitties, Guinea. Everything kind of left me very unenthusiastic about doing… Well, anything.

But the website is back on track and so am I. Things are doing a lot better now. I’ve started working again. My store is quite filled with new stuff (check it out either through the store button or directly through Etsy).

One thing of great note in the store….


Ensign3 is now available!

The final webcomic won’t post until December, but you can read it now by picking it up in comic form! For those of you who don’t have the first two volumes of this epic saga


There is also a combo pack…

So hopefully the website (and myself) will stay unbroken and I will be able to keep making updates.


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I was ten years old when I met my best friend.

A girl in my class brought her in for show and tell, along with her siblings. She was the owner of their mother and the family hoped some of the students would want to adopt the kittens.

One of these kittens crawled into my desk and curled up. There wasn’t anything particularly special to most people upon looking at the cat. Domestic tabby short-haired, all grey and black. She may not have looked special, but I instantly knew.



Reviews: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1×03 and Supernatural 9×01

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When I posted my first Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. review, I lamented that it was up against Supernatural.

Oops. I was wrong. Supernatural actually airs at nine o’clock, as it always has. I’d read some incorrect reports about its time changing. My bad. This works out well for me, as it gives me a Tuesday of television watching.

First of is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., now settled into its third week. It’s getting to the point where the show should be demonstrating what it is really made of.


Theories So You’ll Never Look at the Little Mermaid the Same Way Again


I was six years old when Disney’s The Little Mermaid was released. It ushered in the Disney Renaissance of the early nineties. It is coming up on its twenty-fifth anniversary and has been given a shiny new release on DVD/Blu-Ray, complete with 3D conversion.

I picked up this film from the Disney Movie Club and watched it all the way through for the first time in many years. I was hit with waves of nostalgia. But in watching in, I came up with some disturbing theories that were too much for younger self to comprehend.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×02: 0-8-4 Review

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I am a Marvel Zombie.

Not one of the flesh-craving heroes that have been published by the company since the zombie revival– no pun intended– was big.

But I am a huge fan of the Marvel universe. Now, I admit, I haven’t been reading much in the past few years. It was on a steady decline for me after Civil War and once Marvel Divas hit, I pretty much gave up entirely (seriously, Marvel? A Sex and the City homage a year after the movie came out and five years after it was actually culturally relevant?)

Despite my current estrangement from the comics, I do try to keep up with Marvel in other media. I quite enjoy the cinematic universe, which I feel distils many of the good ideas from the various incarnations into one interconnected story.

But you guys are pushing it now.


Once Upon a Time 3×01: Heart of the Truest Believer Review

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I initially hesitated in watching Once Upon a Time because I was a fan of Bill Willingham’s Fables, which I thought OUAT was blatantly playing on. Through later research I discovered that  ABC actually owns the rights to Fables and that my fears were unfounded. While both stories have fairy tale characters in the modern world, they took very different approaches to it.

Also, I became very uncomfortable with the blatant right-wing rhetoric Willingham liked to jam into his character’s mouths.

OUAT has a lot of things going for it that appeal to me: Complex, interwoven storylines, morality issues, many strong female characters and Robert Carlyle.


Procedural Premiere Post of Doom: SVU, Criminal Minds and Elementary

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WARNING: As this review talks about procedural dramas, there is discussion of rape, imprisonment, cannibalism and violence.


I was debating whether to review these, as I didn’t really know if I had enough to say about them. That’s why it’s taken me a few days to come out with anything. But I figured if I reviewed them all together, I might have enough for a proper review. So think of it as the “Procedural Post of Doom” or something.

I have long been a fan of procedural police shows. Since my parents started working from home, it seems like they’re on in the house for most of the day. These three are my favourites and the ones I will actually go out of my way to watch.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1×01 Review

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In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Zeppo, Cordelia Chase– upset Xander has cheated on her with Willow– lashes out at him, calling him “The Zeppo”, after Zeppo Marx. She insists Xander’s hero friends are fine without him getting in the way.

Xander then proceeds to battle zombies intent on blowing up the school, loses his virginity and gains a new confidence while his friends pop in every once and a while, dealing with the opened Hellmouth.