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Clare Moseley


Once upon a time– April 27th, 1983, to be exact– in the magical land of Toronto, Ontario a child was born. She was named Clare Moseley.  And the villagers rejoiced! …Or they got their pitchforks and torches. She can never remember that part of the story.

I just remembered I am Clare Moseley, so I don’t have to write in the third person.

Stories are what I specialize in. Ever since I could write scribbly letters I’ve been writing stories. I am a lifelong writer, artist, dilettante and bon vivant. Eschewing such mundane pursuits as a traditional education and having money, I went into business on my own writing. I’ve written– and drawn– my own comic books. I also write short stories, essays and am working on several novels.

When I’m not working — which is not often — my hobbies include watching television, having way too many cats, finding things that are wrong on the internet and being called anti-social by French tourists.

This website is the hub for all things me. Please check out the webcomics I have available. The writing tab will give you a list of my published works. The blog is filled with whatever random thoughts I have including musings and reviews. The store contains links for all of my available books and various other artistic endeavours. You can also contact me here.

You can find me elsewhere on the web at places such as Twitter, DeviantArt, Facebook and GoodReads.

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